Need support for a special diet in your household?  No problem.  Some of the many diets and ways of eating supported include:

Gluten-free or grain-free

There are literally thousands of dishes I can cook that don’t involve grains.  There is no need to resort to packaged, processed foods labeled “gluten-free” that are still full of junk, starches, empty calories and preservatives.  If you or someone in your household avoids gluten or grains, meals can be prepared either entirely without them, or modifications can be made if some of the household wants to include them.


There are many dairy-free milks such as nut, rice, soy, almond, cashew etc. If lactose intolerance is an issue, Lactaid dairy milk can be used, or we can work together to find what works best and tastes the best to you.


One of the biggest complaints I hear from people who need to avoid soy is that they miss Asian-style meals which tend to use soy sauce.  Coconut aminos are a great substitute for soy sauce, providing that hint of umami flavor and a bit of saltiness…it opens up a whole new world of meals!

Peanut/Tree nut-free

I can leave separate sets of basics such as cutting boards and utensils at your home to avoid cross-contamination, or use your own tools if you prefer.  Since I use very little in the way of packaged or processed ingredients, checking labels for hidden contaminants is never an issue.


The world of vegetables is glorious and delicious!  I love working with clients to find what they like best in pursuit of a healthful diet free of animals or animal products. Indian and Asian cuisines are favorites of mine for meals that feature vegetables in a starring role.


Hmm, perhaps it’s cruel to put the meat eaters right next to the herbivores, but here we are. For my Paleo clients, using the best sources of primal ingredients is key, and I love creating baked goods and other treats using Paleo-worthy ingredients such as almond, cashew and garbanzo meals and flours, coconut oil, nectar and aminos (as a soy sauce substitute), and more. (Interested in getting pastured meat and eggs from local farmers?  Ask me about Chestnut Farms Meat CSA!)


Every menu is designed especially for you and your needs, so there are virtually no limits to the kind of special diets that can be accommodated.  If you don’t see what you need here, please ask!

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