Have you ever thought about being a personal chef? Pondered whether your love of cooking is enough, or if you need special training or a culinary degree? Wondered if you have enough time to run this as a side business? Or maybe you’ve already decided being a personal chef is the right path for you – but could use some help getting the actual business part of the business off the ground.

Look no further – your roadmap is here!

Cook for A Living: Becoming a Personal Chef

is my brand-new ebook, based on my 12+ years of experience as a successful personal chef and teacher, consultant and mentor to many others.

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In this easy-to-read, 40-page guide, you’ll learn:

  • The skills and training you need to be a personal chef
  • What to do first (well, second. First, buy my book!)
  • How to find and follow your state & local regulations
  • How to choose a name and business entity
  • Ways to handle your bookkeeping
  • What about insurance?
  • Pricing is everything  – how the heck do you know what you’re worth? (Hint: a lot)
  • How to find clients (and not go broke giving discounts to friends and family!)
  • Marketing to get your new business off the ground

and the proverbial much, much more!

I’ve been at this game a long time – since 2004 – and I still love it.  I mean LOVE love it, like I whistle while I work, smile on my way out the door and thank my lucky stars that I get paid to do something fun, special, creative, productive, and delicious. Let me tell you how, so you can love your work too!

Cook for A Living: Becoming a Personal Chef

is a 40 page PDF, easy to download and quick to read on any device.

Your future is waiting – buy the book today!

Buy the book!

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