Sometimes you or someone you love needs healthful, home-cooked meals (prepared by someone else!) for just a short time.   Gift certificates can be used to offer someone a recurring or one-time meal package for reasons like these:

New Baby

Trust me when I say that the new parents in your life do NOT want or need another Fabulous Fancy Baby Gadget – they want someone to make them dinner!  Get together with friends or family and chip in on a gift certificate for a set of meals, either for those first few days back from the hospital, or maybe for a few weeks later when they start to get settled and the neighbors’ casseroles have stopped coming. I can work with you, the Giver, to figure out the number and type of meals that would work best for the Givees, so we don’t bother them too much while they’ve got their hands full.

Most popular: $300 for 3 meals; all groceries, packaging and delivery included.  Each meal serves 4-6 people and can be frozen.

Surgical/Medical Recovery

If you or your loved one needs to follow a restricted diet following (or prior to) surgery or medical treatment, I can help. I can work with the information provided by the medical/nutrition team to provide a gift certificate for meals that fit the bill.  Don’t forget about feeding caregivers, too – if there are extra hands on deck to help provide care, they need to eat too.

Kitchen Renovation/Temporary Housing

Doing a gut reno on your kitchen, or living in temp housing while your forever-home undergoes construction or is still occupied by its soon-to-be-former owners?  After a couple of weeks of takeout and grocery store prepared meals, you’re going to be completely and totally over it and ready for some real home-cooked meals.  I can help!

Birthdays and Other Special Occasions

Sometimes you just want a little extra help getting dinners on the table!  Birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries – any occasion is just the right time for gift certificates for weeknight meals.

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