About Me

I’m Christine Taylor Garner, owner and head chef at TaylorMade Meals personal chef service; solo entrepreneur with a passion for good food and small business.  Once upon a time I spent my days in the tech world, deep in product development, content management and marketing.   Living and working in NYC, surrounded by amazing farmer’s markets, gourmet stores and access to every ingredient imaginable, my love of cooking (and eating) blossomed. For years cooking was a way to shed the stresses of the work day and immerse myself in the simple joys of taste and texture.  When I’d reached my lifetime limit on working for someone else, I launched TaylorMade Meals to indulge my passion to be self-employed and earn a living doing something I loved.

Here in the beautiful suburbs west of Boston, I’m extremely fortunate to be surrounded by bounty once again, with gorgeous farms, markets and local artisans.  I prepare delicious, nutritious meals for busy families, as well as teach, coach and support families who want to learn to eat well. And to keep my business side alive and well, I’ve helped dozens of aspiring personal chefs start their own businesses through teaching courses, one-on-one consulting and online content (stay tuned for my eBook!). I’m passionate about good food, fighting hunger and educating people on how to feed their families well and healthfully.

I’m a graduate of the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts (valedictorian in fact, ahem ahem), avid reader, trivia nerd, occasional gardener, habitual DIYer, mom and wife, and spend my days happily preparing wholesome meals for busy families.



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