Share The Chef!

This is a new and more affordable way to get all the benefits of a personal chef.  Maybe you’ve considered a personal chef before, but found the cost more than you’d like to spend, or aren’t sure you’re use all the meals quickly enough.  Now there’s a more affordable way to get all the benefits of having a personal chef create your meals:  share my services with a friend, neighbor or co-worker, and you each get all the benefits for half the cost.

How Does it Work?

Got a friend in the same boat you are – too busy with work or family to cook the way you want to eat? (Of course you do!) Share my service and you can split the meals and the cost. You can each get entirely different meals of your own – great for when your tastes don’t match – or for the most variety and value, share all the meals by simply splitting the servings in half.

What’s the First Step?

First, I’ll meet with you both to get details on the way you’d like to be eating – your tastes, preferences, and dietary needs. We’ll decide on the number of meals you’d like to share, and set up a convenient cook date schedule. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly options are most common, but other frequencies can be arranged.

Where Do You Cook?

Several options are available. I can:

  • Alternate cooking at each of your homes
  • Do all the cooking at one home

We’ll dicusss what works best at your consultation. Either way, I leave all the meals packaged family-style in the kitchen where they’re prepared.  You each divide the food the way you’d like, using your own containers, or a set I can purchase for you. However you decide to split the meals is up to you!

How is this different from meal-assembly or meal delivery services?

My service is truly personal – each and every TaylorMade Meal is prepared to meet your tastes and nutritional needs. I use fresh, wholesome ingredients – not preservative-packed or processed. At your choosing, I can purchase all organic produce, use only hormone- and preservative-free meats and poultry, and support dairy-free, gluten-free or other special diet needs. And for each cook date, you can choose meals from my sample menu, or let me suggest new ideas for you – it’s up to you!

About Sides

In the spring and summer months I take advantage of greater options for fresh local produce. Sides include fresh steamed or sauteed veggies, salads with TaylorMade vinaigrettes and dressings, rice, pasta, and whole-grain salads, etc. Please note that not all sides are suitable for freezing, so if you plan to freeze your meals, we’ll discuss options for sides during your consultation.

Contact me for your free consultation, and start enjoying healthy, delicious meals that you don’t have to cook!


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